Gmc enoy 2004

My gmc has been extremely sluggish for the past few months. It doesn’t speed up unless barely accelerated then it will a tad better but still slowly more I accelerate it just revs louder. Engine light it on but thts it

Have the codes pulled from the computer.

Could direct you to the problem.


If the engine is revving but the car isn’t accelerating, then your transmission is probably failing. Have you made sure the fluid is at the correct level? If you do end up at a transmission shop, people here generally recommend a good independent shop over a chain operation.


Yes I have. The fluid is fine and it doesn’t rev unless I’m giving gas but the more it revs the slower it goes it seems

Transmission trouble is likely but the code(s) from the check engine light could point to an additional issue(s). It might just be from the engine revving extra hard but you won’t know until someone reads the code(s).

All too many people seem to assume that a lit-up CEL is a normal situation.
Unfortunately, it portends a problem, and some of those problems can be very serious, in terms of how much they will cost for repair. Until you get the stored trouble codes “read” nobody could possibly tell you how serious a problem you might have.

This is usually indicative a slipping transmission, but you need to have the trouble codes read, and I think that a visit to a transmission specialist is in your future. Just be sure that you don’t go to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO, unless you want to be told that you need a new/overhauled transmission, even if only a less expensive repair is needed.

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Or, they can tell you if there’s a problem with the transmission.


Probably going to be the transmission going . You are talking about a almost 17 year old car . So you will have a decision to make , repair it to the tune of 3000 dollars or look for an alternative vehicle . You might find a used one for $1200 or so and then your install labor charge which will be hefty . Like others have said get the CEL checked and codes pulled . It could be something else like a clogged catalytic converter or something along those lines .

So I went to read the cars computer. And literally the reader wouldn’t even read. Just a blank screen. Other cars it read just fine but it literally wouldn’t read a thing. Not sure how this stuff works but I thought if your computer is completely shut down my vehicle wouldn’t even run. Any input would be appreciated?

There needs to be power to the diagnostic connector for the scan tool to operate. Check the fuses, one may be labeled OBD II, sometimes the lighter or power outlet fuse powers the OBD II connector.

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