GM self drivin vehicle goes live

GM recently announced that they will start providing robotaxi service in San Francisco from 11pm to 5 am. Great for late night drinking parties and no driving home.


They might be catering to vampires in San Francisco! No driver to harass, it’s Draculas dream come true!

Well, it might be the former. I read an article this morning that extolled the virtues of running the service when almost no one, in a car or walking, is out and about. The service is actually called Cruise and is backed by GM.

But what if Dracula is thirsty?

He can command the vehicle to stop any time he sees a likely victim. The car will even wait for him!

In reality, running a service like this minimizes distractions for the robot driving system and allows Cruise/GM to find flaws and correct them with less impact on citizens than running it during the day.

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