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Glue they use to bond windshield with car? Preventing bottom nut on Air Cleaner element falling?

1987 Acura Integra
How to prevent the bottom nut on Air Cleaner element from falling?

From the factory this nut was bonded with the base of the plastic with plastic - the nut has two sleeves to help it. The plastic that was holding the sleeves had disappeared. I am wondering the Glue they use to bond windshield with car is good to use? Otherwise what is good? Kids got a gun with gum - it needed to be heated up before using. Can be messy. But the Glue, blackish color, they use to bond windshield with car is like a clay - easy to work with - any recommendations what to use?

If the nut falls, then it is difficult to find it in a compact car. I lost all three of them and got replacement.

Have you considered JB Weld? It is a two part metal-based epoxy that has very good characteristics for this type of work. If there is a worry about the JB Weld dripping and sagging too much, then I go with an epoxy putty, like Steel Stik.

When u say two part - do you mean I need to mix it?

I prefer something user friendly.

Maybe time to consider a more user friendly car, but you aren’t going to find an adhesive in a tube tht will hold very well compared to mixing two parts such as JB Weld. Adhesives used on body panels, windshields and so on will be out of your reach money wise.

There is a product called Q-bond that works very well with high carbon plastic. It’s like superglue with a powder to buildup material.

Go to a junkyard and get a filter box off of a wrecked car. It’ll probably cost you about what you’d spend on an adhesive to temporarily fix yours. There were LOTS of that generation Integra sold, so you should be able to find a yard or three that has them.

Kids at school used Epoxy to build a wood catapult - I was surprised that it held well - not sure Epoxy is good for this… Junk yard in CA have become expensive - they asked me $20 for a filter box that I need to pull. Right now I screwed it with only one bolt (2 more and have the nuts). I think that the clay they use at Glass shop is good - when I dropped the nut, the Glass shop guy gave me the clay and the magnet to reach the nut - I used the magnet instead.

Called the Glass shop - they recommended Crazy Glue.

The kind of crazy glue that is used to bond the rear view mirror to the windshield is a different version than ordinary 99 cent crazy glue you buy at the drugstore. The window version is a 2-parter, has an activator. It is very strong but requires almost perfect mechanical contact between the two parts. That’s why it works well on glass, as glass is easy to clean and perfectly flat. It won’t work if there are gaps. Epoxy – I think JB Weld is an epoxy – will fill gaps better.

they asked me $20 for a filter box that I need to pull.
A whole $20 ? You will probably end up spending that much just to get some where, purchase your choice of glue, and the time, and labor (even if it is your own), and it probably won't hold anyways. Save yourself the time and aggravation.

urethane sealant is very strong and remains flexible