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Any "glue" or sealant that is resistant to coolant and high temps?

Hi there,

I have replaced the water pump twice now on this a 2007 Mazda 6 S 3.0L I have. I found bad coolant leak when I was replacing the AT mount one day. It was leaking from one of the necks that directs coolant to the thermostat housing. This part is made of plastic and I thought it I must have broke it or something while I was working on the mount. I had to lift the engine and tranny in order to line up the mount holes with the holes in the vehicle.

When I took the pump out the neck just came off the housing, but it was not broken. I inspected the same bought Beck/Arnley replacement pump I bought and noticed it only had a tiny bit of glue to hold it onto the housing. This is a stupid design seriously.

What can I use to glue the hole neck from coming off again while also being strong enough to prevent leaks? I am not planning to spend $60 again for another stupid pump + housing. You can put this plastic piece back on, it just that it will fall off again because there is no glue in there holding the neck in place.

I am getting tired of this car, there is no freaking space to work on anything and the overuse of weak plastic parts that breaks when you working on something else makes it worse! :rage:

You can try silicone adhesive.

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I once used black 2 part plastic epoxy to re-attach a broken plastic radiator inlet on my '96 Jeep Cherokee. It held for 2 years until I sold the Jeep. Use a name brand.


I used JB Weld to fix an external crack in the engine block of a 20R Toyota engine. Coolant had been leaking. I was careful to grind away to fresh metal and clean the area thoroughly. It never leaked again. Someone here posted that the fast-setting JB Weld is not as good as the standard stuff, which is what I used.

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You can also look through the catalog of adhesive sealant made by Permatex.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!