Glossary/List of Automotive Terms


I’m wondering if there is a website that has a glossary of common automotive/vehicle terms and definitions. I don’t know much about car and truck repair, but would like to learn. Thanks.

Try this:

The best way to learn is by enrolling in a program at a local community college.

The second best way to learn is to read, read, read, and do, do, do.

Here’s some suggested reading material. You can order them Their current revisions) through the local booskstore.

Auto Fundamentals
By Stockel, Stockel and Johanson
Published by Goodheart - Wilcox
ISBN 1-56637-138-4

Automotive Engines
By Crouse and Anglin
Published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill, (800) 338-3987
ISBN 0-02-801099-X

Complete Engine Performance and Diagnostics
By Robert Scharff & Editors of Motor Service
Published by Delmar Publishing / Thompson learning, (800) 477-3682
ISBN 0-8273-3579-2

Automotive Chassis Systems
By Thomas W. Birch
Published by Delmar Publishing / Thompson Learning, (800) 477-3682
ISBN 0-7668-0001-6

Fuel Systems and Emission Controls
Published by Chek-Chart Publication, (408) 739-2435
ISBN 9-781579-322496 is a great resource.

Thanks very much everyone. I really appreciate it, especially the online resources!