Old bag,bad knees

I want to buy a new subcompact SUV…am old, overweight, work full time and arthritis in legs. what would be a reliable, comfortable, fun vehicle???

CR-V and Rav-4 come to mind. Do you need AWD? Why do you mention SUV?

Why do you mention SUV?

Probably because a SUV is FAR FAR easier to get in and out of then a car…especially if you’re tall. When my Dad was 90 and no longer able to drive and arthritis in his knees…he LOVED it when I showed up to drive him someplace as opposed to my brother…Far easier getting in and out of my Pathfinder then my Brothers Mustang.

Subaru Forester

OK, so it’s not for the AWD. I’ll stick with those two, then. Foresters are good (I have one), too, but if you don’t need the AWD, it’s an extra expense, both up front and down the road (so to speak).

An overweight bad kneed guy at work bought a Toyota Matrix, he is lovin it but I am not sure if he loving it only because of the great deal he got. It is 4 wheel drive.

Agree, the Matrix or Pontiac Vibe has everyting you need; nice high seats very good fuel economy, upright driving position, and one of the best reliability records in the business.

An other suggestion might be a Ford Ranger pickup; same easy entry, good visibility, and a good repair record. But you should try all these out yourself; this is a very personal decision, and only you can tell whether you are comfortable.

Actually a AWD Forester starts for less money than a FWD CRV.

Mazda CX-7

Taurus and Sable have a pretty high seat height if you are looking for a sedan.

My neighbor and another friend both have arthritic knees and find the CR-V to be easy to get into and out of. Test drive one and see if you like it. Leather seats offer little resistance and are easy to slide on. You should also look at cars that have driver’s seats with height adjustment.

The CX-7 is “average” in reliability, whereas the Forester, the RAV-4, and the CR-V are “above average” in reliability.

he also stated “fun”.
The Forester needs it’s turbo engine as the NA 4cyl is too sluggish, IMO. Toyota and Honda are reliable, but boring. I find the CX-7 to be a nice compromise, as all are fairly similar in price

Average vs Above Average is neglible in terms of Consumer Reports. Read the specifics of reliability ratings they state/explain this difference. I think people read way too much into them. The only useful information is the well below average ratings and even that is just enough to raise a question in your mind not something to completely avoid. Maybe asked a versed mechanic what it really means.

wow, never did this before…answers very helpful. what i had in mind was confortable to get in and out with crummy legs. am most interested in new CR-V, forester(but like the old shape better) or a Rav-4. i was leaning toward the subaru forester but they changed the shape and am not crazy about that tire hanging off the back of the ??RAV-4. all 3 seem very reliable. am moving to pacific NW so want 4WD. thank you all.

Taurus and Sable have a pretty high seat height if you are looking for a sedan.

Compared to what??? Maybe compared to a Accord…But they’re a good 10" lower then the seat on my 4runner. It might be great if you’re 5’5…NOT when you’re 6’3.

You might be thinking of the FJ Cruiser. Though they may have changed the Rav4 to have that feature as well. I still think you should give the CX-7 a look, it has optional AWD.
Another suggestion that might be worth a look is the Ford Sport Trac. SUV body with a truck bed. Similar, but smaller than the Honda Ridgeline.
Since ease of entry/exit is more of a personal thing, you’d be doing yourself a favor by not limiting to one brand or another, and you might surprise yourself and find the perfect vehicle in something you’d never had thought about before

4runner is a sedan?

4runner is a sedan?

Point I’m making is that if you have bad knees you DON’T WANT a sedan. That’s why the poster is asking about a SUV. If you have bad knees it’s a lot easier to just slide out of a SUV then it is to bend up and down to get out of a Sedan. That 10" difference in height makes a HUGE difference.