Getting OEM parts from a local dealership, how long is the wait (typically.)

It really depends on where you live. The closer to a large metropolitan area the faster the parts will arrive.

As others have said…Why dealer parts. You can get aftermarket parts that are as good or better. And a large portion of parts on you vehicle are NOT made by the manufacturer…but instead made by different parts suppliers who also sell those exact same parts to places like NAPA or OReily’s.

A fine but I’ll re-iterate that for some low-profit low-volume parts like nuts and bolts, the only available is from the OEM herself.

I reck’on an aftermarket company will only offer parts for higher volume vehicles.

This car I’m working on, I’m changing the factory struts to TEIN coilovers-----it’s been a nightmare because the car is RUST bucket.

BOLT after BOLT is refusing to budge and once they do come out, they’re rusted beyond use and I’ve also had to drill some out.

It’s NIGHTMARE doing this on the street----if I had a garage, I can keep the car on jackstands and come back to it when I feel like it

This was a bad idea :frowning:

If it really a rust bucket then maybe you should have it taken off the road and you can take the old bolts to a hardware store and find a match .

Coil overs on a rust bucket ? What in the world for ?

Nuts and bolts are LOW volume? Good hardware stores (not Lowes or HD)…will have the correct nuts and bolts.

There are very very few parts that can’t be had aftermarket.

+1 almost all of our local hardware stores have a huge collection of nuts and bolts in multiple grades available at any given time. My favorite one even has a card where you can screw in the bolt and find out exactly what size it is and what bin you will find it in.

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My old Mitsubishi had fuel pump bolted to cyl head. The crank arm was driven by ohc. Guess they copied gm fuel pump design from 1962? The FP had a plastic spacer. Which I lost. Hard to order it from warehouse 400 mi away.

For a car in that shape plan on unexpected problems and a longer time than expected in the shop, regardless of what they tell you. That’s just how things work.

This is a car forum and folks are offering help.
Please, what specifically is the Make, Model, Approximate Mileage, and which Engine option? It seems this car was driven in winter road salt. Correct?

And as a public service, if possible, could you tell where the vehicle is operated, which streets? This car should probably be off-road full-time, but many here will want to avoid it.

A permanent repair on this car can be performed with only a screw driver or possibly a nut driver.

Seriously, using one of those hand tools, remove the license plates and install them on a more road-worthy machine. Or, until that’s possible, switch to a bicycle. I use a bicycle for transportation much more frequently than a car and mine aren’t broken or rust buckets.

Thank You In Advance!
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THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION! I bought a Honda that I initially (upon test drive) thought was a good deal, it has a good clean CarFax record. This is my first car purchase by myself.

Later, I learned that it has a lot of rust!

I paid 5000 for this car, I probably overpaid by about 1000 or 2000 (or more depending on how the market prices rust.)

I can consider this a lost or I can try to rust proof it by removing existing rust and coating it with Fluid Film.

I can consider this a lost or I can try to rust proof it by removing existing rust and coating it with Fluid Film.

Consider it lost rust is like an iceberg,what you can see there is 70 to 80% you can’t see and you can not rust proof rust.

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What happened to the Mazda and the Fusion ? You have 3 cars now and no off street parking ?

That’s odd. I think every time my wife and I have done business at a new car dealer it was on a Sunday. I spent most of my adult life working Mon-Sat and Sundays was the only day available to go new car shopping. My friends in car sales often say Sat and Sun are their best days.

I take that back. We bought a car at a Ford Dealer on Memorial Day once.

while local dealerships resemble bee hives on Sundays with SALES, every single one of them had parts department closed on Sundays… at least the ones I cared to set my foot into…

You can’t buy a car in Minnesota on Sunday. It goes back to the old “blue laws” that demanded Sunday closing. Opening on Sundays was fought pretty hard by non-chain retailers but it gradually opened up. Dealers don’t want to be open on Sunday and I think you still can’t buy liquor on Sunday. People are for it but the stores are agin it. I remember in high school sitting with a department store owner after a choir performance and he bragged about how they were going to make sure stores stayed closed on Sunday.

I can’t think of any valid reason for a law that requires any kind of business to be closed on Sunday. Life goes on 24/7, that’s the way of the world.

I was in Branson, MO for 2 weeks a couple of summers ago for a baseball tournament. One afternoon we went to the Branson Auto Museum and saw some very nice classic cars, and noticed that they were all for sale. Then I noticed a sign that said sales office closed on Sunday by state law. Sounds like the state is restricting free trade. Why is it anybody else’s business if I want to buy or sell a car on a weekend?

Lynden Washington used to not allow stores to be open on Sundays because that was a day of rest for the farming community, being a devoted dutch community. They’ve relaxed things somewhat allowing grocery stores to be open on Sunday. Some probably just drive a short distance to Ferndale or Bellingham to get anything they need.

Manufactures warehouses are closed on Sundays, Saturday orders are loaded on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

Why can’t we answer this question? Are we unfamiliar with the dealer auto parts network?

Yeah there isn’t any good reason except every time the law change comes up, it is the dealers that fight it just like in the old days. Spent some time in dry counties in the south too where you’d figure you’d be able to buy a drink some place off base. Just as as silly I thought. Like my law professor said though, there has never been a law that someone didn’t want.

It would be nice though if the OP would come back and let us know what he found out. I don’t buy parts much anymore but seems to me the last time I stopped at NAPA they were closed. Seemed like they reduced their hours quite a bit in the evenings and Sundays. Probably due to the black death like everyone else.

In NJ, the old “blue laws” disappeared many years ago, with the exception of one county.
In Bergen County almost businesses are–by law–closed on Sundays, with food stores being the only major exception.

So, in that county, if you want to do home repairs on Sunday, you had better plan ahead and visit the hardware store beforehand, otherwise you will not be able to obtain the materials or tools that you need. Needless to say, you can’t buy auto parts on Sunday in that county.

Going back 30+ years ago, a homeowner in that county actually received a summons for doing outside repair work on his own home on a Sunday. They no longer issue violations to homeowners for Sunday repair work in that county, but the other major restrictions persist to this day,

Because there are old laws that ignore the idea of the separation of church and state. One of the largest grocery stores in my area used to be closed on Sunday until a larger chain grocery store moved in forcing them to be open on Sunday. Ironically, Sunday is now their busiest day with highest sales! Their produce is definitely the best of the 3 (technically 4, although the 4th is a tiny one outside of town) in our town. Good sized parking spots too.