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Air Conditioning is broken and I can't take it another summer

I have a 1997 Jeep and the air conditioning hasn’t worked…ever i dont think. I used to live in NJ so it didnt get that hot, but now that I am relocated in North Carolina I cant take another sweaty summer in 115 degree heat without air conditioning.

The air/heat doesnt come out of my front vents. My heat works fine but the air kind of works when I am going on the highway and then its just a cool light breeze. But of course it doesnt get cold enough to use in short trips around town. HELP!!!

I dont want to have to buy a car just for air conditioning. My brother is a mechanice and hasnt been able to crack the case. I love you guys and hope you can help so I dont have to buy a new car.

Does anything at all happen when you try to engage the AC?

In truth, regardless of the answer to my question, you’ll need to take it to a reputable shop that works on autpomotive AC. It’s possible that the refrigerant has long since dissipated away and the leak will need to be found and repaired and the system recharged. It’s also possibel that you have a component shot, like the compressor, and that’ll need a shop as well.