Used Toyota

Just bought a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with 128000 miles on it. Has been well maintained but has also gone through 3 owners as well. What do think my luck will be with this vehicle?

How do you know that it has been well-maintained?
Do you actually have the maintenance records from all 3 previous owners?
Did you have it inspected by your mechanic prior to purchase?

If it has truly been maintained “by the book”, and if you continue to do the same, then this truck likely has at least another 100k miles left in it.

Stick or automatic? 22RE engine??

2001 rav4 auto trans had lots of trouble.Do not know it it is the same trans or not.

No no preivous owner records. I am simply going by the look and drive of the truck and my past experience with Toyota as I still have my 1987 with 316000+ miles on it. It came from a reputable dealer and our mechanic could only give it a quick once over as he was/is swamped for the holidays. I was just looking for feedback from a present year 2001 owner.

No clue about it having the same trans as the Rav4, although a friend has a 2003 Rav4 with automatic and no complaints that I have heard.

Assuming that a vehicle has been well-maintained because it "looks and drives well"
could be a fatal assumption. As but one example, if the trans fluid and filter on that truck were never changed, the trans is just at the point of elapsed time and odometer mileage for it to fail in the very near future.

In the absence of maintenance records from the 3 previous owners, I strongly suggest that you reference the maintenance list for the 90k service (that is the REALLY big one), and have everything on that list done by your mechanic. Unfortunately if you can’t verify that this service was done, then you have to assume that it was not done. It won’t be cheap, but it will be far cheaper than the repairs that would result from lack of maintenance.

Roll the dice. If its out of the rust belt the vehicles last a lot longer. Toyota is absolutely terrible at rust protection in pickups.

The only assumption I believe that people overpay for is that the Toyota brand plate means trouble free life, a false reality for owners.

Only 2001 rav4s autos are trouble, all others are good.

I second Andrew J’s comments. These trucks are under a recall for frame rust in areas that salt the roads. Have it checked out ASAP, and make sure the frame is holding up. Other than that, these trucks are great!