Spark Plug and Wire Replacment

I have a 2001 Toyota Tundra SR5-V8 with 130k miles. The only service that has been done on it is oil change, tires and brakes. My wife and I have decided to keep the Ole’ Girl’, the car, I am keeping my wife also, until she goes to the great auto paradise in the sky. I think that it is time to replace all of the fluids. I am wondering if it is necessary to replace the spark plugs and the spark plug wires even if the car is running fine.


Spark plugs, yes. Spark plug wires, no

If the plugs and wires are the factory originals, then yes, you’ll want to replace with new on this car.

Toyota recommends plug replacement every 30K miles, so the plugs are way overdue. Toyota also uses coil on plugs for V8 so no plug wires.

Yes, you are overdue for fluid changes too. By the way you have a timing belt in that V8 motor and it is to be changed every 90K miles. I’d say you are due for a timing belt and water pump job too.

Ditto on the timing belt advice. In fact, I’d do the timing belt before the spark plugs and fluids. A bad spark plug will make your car run a little rough. A broken timing belt can turn into a tow truck and a $2000 repair.

Thanks to you all for your information and advice. Sounds like I need to put in a timing belt.

If you ever change your mind and sell this car, I hope you’ll do the right thing and disclose the service history to the buyer.

It will probably go to the grave with me. I have no intention of selling it. That is why I am doing this differed maintenance.