Getting a convertible top installed

I live in Austin. I have a 2001 Toyota that needs a new top. Any ideas or suggestions so I don’t get jerked around would be appreciated. Thanks

Ask for references from the different trim/upholstery shops in the area. Get an estimate up front in writing.

thank you. I am doing that. Just hate the idea of needing warranty work done on 2K worth of roof. Have several folks in mind… thank you

There is a lot of labor involved, and heat. Installing one is easier if there is some hot sunshine to help expand the top. If you choose an automotive upholsterer, be sure he has some indoor space or there is some Summer sunshine available. The less you pay, the bigger the leak; so, no matter what else we say, do hope that the references you get are good ones.

Don’t go to a muffler shop with this request.

A good shop will have a steamer for just that purpose. Having worked next to an upholstery shop I watched many being put on. Your right, it’s a big job and labor intensive!

A steamer helps but it is hard to use it on a large area. It is still used but warming the entire top really helps, and it won’t give you as many burns.