Convertible Top Replacement

I found water in my trunk so it looks like I need a new convertible top. I’m planning on doing it myself, looked on line and found a bunch of places that sell tops. So how hard can it be? Where can I get a comparison of the different top companies and fabrics?

By the time you do your 5th one, you start to get the hang of it…The first one is a real B****…Top Shops have special tools and techniques and years of hard-learned knowledge you do not have…Good Luck…ALL convertible tops leak, nothing strange about that, That’s why you keep them in a garage or put a bilge pump in the trunk…Have you checked under the back seat??

From what I have found a top is $400 and over $1500 installed. So I can do it twice and still save.

Any opinions on cloth of vinyl?

With top materials, you get what you pay for. It used to be, the best ones were made of “German Cloth”, a rubberized woven fabric…

Where amateur’s get into trouble, tops have an inner lining that must be reused or replaced too…Also, fitting the top so it’s stretched TIGHT when it is up is very tricky. Most DIY installations tend to look kind of baggy, especially after a week or two…And if you think you have leaks now…But hey, I admire your spirit!! Take great care when removing the old top as that will be your teacher for installing the new one. I’m sure you will be able to find information on “How To Install Your New Convertible Top” specific to your car. You should do that BEFORE you lay out the cash for a new top…

rom what I have found a top is $400 and over $1500 installed. So I can do it twice and still save.

By the time you finish the first one, you are not going to want to even look at that idea for a long time.

Thanks for the feedback. The internet is awesome. One guy has step by step instructions with pictures.

You guys are like my Mom. If I would have listened to her I never would have bought my first car and had it towed home.

I give the guys at the shop credit for doing lots of tops and being way more efficient. They also learned at a bunch at some car owners expense. However, when I do the job I know how to do it better next time and can fix the small issues like a bad seal or some wind noise instead of driving back to the shop and complaining to the “expert”. Plus don’t you like to fool with your car on the weekend?

Post back with your thoughts when you get it done…

First - how do you know you need a top? Water in the trunk could come from other problems. What, exactly, is wrong with the top? Hate for you to go through all that work and end up with more water in the trunk!