2015 Fiat 500C needs a new top in south Florida

Desperate help- Replacing Convertible Top Fiat 500c 2015.
Can someone help me- I bought a new top and need a skilled person who can do it- putting down the old one and instal the new. I am from south florida- any hint would help. Thank you, Bernie


Thanks. I will write them and ask for a quote. If somebody knowing someone who is expereinced in do it, even private person, please let me know! Thanks, Bernie

South Florida covers a lot of area . Just look at Craigslist or some similar online site for Convertible or boat cover service. The simple thing to do is call local convertible top places and see if they will give you a price. But since you supply the top there will no warranty .

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For future reference, you should let the shop that does the work choose the parts. You can and should work with them to choose a replacement top, but as @VOLVO_V70 said above, no shop will warranty parts or even fit if you supply the top. Another advantage is that the repair shop likely knows which brands fit best and provide the longest service, assuming this is aftermarket and no an FCA top.

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ok, that was not my original question- but to get back to what you mentoined- i have an original fiat top.

Agree, you bought a top and then want someone to install it who may not at all be familiar with that particular company. Normally you just go to an automotive upholstery shop and they take it from there. Don’t write a letter though if that’s what you meant. No one does that anymore. Email yes or just pick up the phone and call them. They can give you a range or referral to someone else, but I wouldn’t count on a bid without seeing the car and the top you bought.

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Did you not see on the link that it says " Call for a Quote " ? How much simpler can that be ? Also you said South Florida so we don’t know how close you are to Miami so a web search might find a place closer to you.

thanks for the hint. i will go for it.

i saw it and i called, i amin the area miami/fort lauderdale. thanks for the hint as well.