Getting 3rd car

we need a 3rd car for our 16 year old daughter…we have an acura mdx and a 99 gmc suburban…i would love a convertible…is there one out there that i could talk my husband into? used and cheap is preferable…or our we stuck getting a used honda/toyota? thanks!!

Is the convertible for you or your daughter? For you, a Miata would be great, for her, I’d recommend a compact or mid sized sedan.

If you want a cheap convertible, and reliability concerns are not an issue with you and you don’t want to feel stuck getting a Honda/Toyota. I’d recommend a Dodge Sebring.

Talk to your insurance agent, they’ll be better help than any of us could be. You might find that that cheap used convertible isn’t so cheap after all, both in maintenance OR insurance.
For example, a 2000 Mazda Miata with no loan against it, and bare minimum insurance($12500 person/25000 accident/$7500 property damage, no collision, no comprehensive, no uninsured motorist) is $110/month or $632/6 months from Progressive for a 16 year old female in Ohio. If you get pretty good coverage($100k person/$300k accident/$100k property, $100k person/$300k accident uninsured, $10k medical payments, $2000 deductible, $50/day rental reimbursement), then you’re gonna double that.

My vote is for the Miata.

Another possibility could be a 90s era Fox-bodied Mustang with the 2.3 four cylinder engine.
Nice reliable cars and that engine option will keep both you and your daughter from getting hammered too badly by the insurance company. A similar Mustang GT model with the 5.0 engine would run that cost up considerably.

Speaking of the Fox body Mustangs, I considered buying one when I was a teenager. I was surprised to find that an LX five liter would slip under the insurance radar, at least with Farmers. A GT model was much more expensive to insure, even though the LX was lighter and faster than the GT. Then again, this is the same company that considers a Grand Am GT to be a hot rod, but not an SE with the same engine in it.

I would also vote for the Miata. I had one and it was a very good all around car. My next could be another one.

That said, my daughter got my wife’s old Toyota, and my wife got a new one. They both were pleased.

Toyota Camry Solara XLE convertible. It’s no longer built, but is an outstanding car with seating for 4. It’s very quiet with the roof up; unusual for convertibles. Other possibilitis are a VW Eos or a VW New Beetle. The Eos has a hard top roof that folds into the trunk.

Another possibility is a Honda del Sol. They haven’t been made for some time now, but if you can find one in good shape it’s a great car for a daughter. It’s pretty stable, affordable, and sporty yet doesn’t have enough power for her to get into any serious trouble.