Getting 2006 Honda Pilot ready to drive again

I was unable to drive my pilot for 5 years, and am putting it back on the road. Want to make sure it is in tip top shape is there a mechanical checklist/guide to follow of items to complete and which ones are absolutely necessary?

drain all of the gas out of the tank before you even try to start it and fill it up with fresh gasoline. might not be a bad idea to run some techron or other fuel injector cleaner with the fresh tank. Do an oil change before you start it. Pretty much drain old fluids and replace (coolant and brake especially). Note that rubber components will go bad over time whether the car is run or not, so even once you get a it running make sure you keep an eye on rubber components. I’m not sure if your engine is interference or not, but I’m pretty sure you have a timing belt, not a timing chain. If it’s interference, I would change the timing belt before you start it too, because if it snaps, you’re looking at a new engine. You’ll likely need new tires based on age too, you’ll definitely need a new battery. If you’re up for all of this (plus anything else others suggest, because odds are I’ve forgotten a thing or two!), go for it and realize it’s going to take time. If you don’t have the time, I’d consider towing it to your mechanic (make sure they know how long it’s been since the Pilot’s been run ahead of time)

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