German cars Reliability

Hello Everyone hoping to get some advise I was thinking of getting 05 Mercedes-Benz clk 500 but the review I read have been either totally love the car with no problems or they had nothing but problems is the Reliability of Benz a hit or miss is this the same with Audi and BMW any feedback on German cars are welcome


German cars have a the troublesome lot that hit 10-35%(very high) that have problems the balanace pretty trouble free.

Asian cars are typically 5-20% troublesome(usually 10%). So chance are higher of troubles. Remember internet reports negative not (+) usually.

Lastly German cars = $$$$ repairs.

The 2005 and 2006 Mercedes Benz CLK are on Consumer Reports list of “Used Cars to Avoid.” That’s enough for me.

The cost of owning and maintaining any of the cars you list is very high. The purchase price is just the first step. Beautiful cars all, I agree, and probably wonderful to drive, but too rich for my blood.

European cars have plenty of problems.

Typically the drive train is OK, but the extras tend to break. It’s a beautiful car; both the coupe and the drop top. If reliability is very important, try something else. An Infiniti G35 would be a bit more reliable and is in the same class of car. But life is short. Someone I know doesn’t let lack of reliability bother him. He drives a G35 and had a Corvette before he married. The fretting stopped about 2 blocks after he picked up the car. There is something to say about driving the car you like.

wow i was thinking of a g35 myself not i would assume it pretty reliable since it a jap car

Reliability with Mercedes models has been hit-and-miss for a couple of decades, and it takes several years after a model comes out before you know which are the good ones.

The big difference I have observed between Mercedes and BMW is that Mercedes seems to redesign their engines every year or two, especially the 6 cyls, while BMW has used essentially the same 6 cyl engine for almost two decades with just minor refinements. It is quite reliable (I own three of them).

As noted by others, if you get a problematic car in any of these three makes, you are looking at major $$$$. A Lexus GS is clearly a more reliable car than any of the three German cars, but not nearly as much fun to drive.

I forgot to add BMW reliability is pretty good. Average to well above average however when they do break down pricier repairs like all German. Excellent cars.

The key to owning after warranty is getting a competent independent in your particular car. It makes ownership pleasant without breaking your wallet.

It’s always difficult to say when it comes to car complaints since very little or none of the story behind a complaint is ever known.

It stands to reason a vehicle with more bells and whistles will have more problems than a vehicle without those things.

Also, some people who really can’t afford to own or maintain a high end car like a Benz, Audi, etc. will neglect them until a premature problem surfaces that warranty won’t cover or they’re stunned by the cost of a pricy maintenance procedure (Audi timing belt for instance).

Since they’ve been working 2 jobs to pay for a car like this, having a pricy maintenance or repair bill ruins their temperament; ergo, bad car.

Repairs and maintenance on the 2005 Benz are estimated at $15,500 over 5 years and $6600 for the 2007 G35 over 5 years (comparable price). Part of the cost is the Benz cache, the Benz is 2 years older, and the CLK just breaks a bit more often. You might also consider a Lexus IS250. Also, test a 2007 CTS, or the improved 2008 if your budget can stand it. They are a little larger, but are really nice rides.

I feel the same way abour complaint surveys, you don’t know if the paticular complaint affected the reliabilty of the car.