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Geo metro/when to let go

help!!! i need to find a fuel feeder hose,apparently they do not make parts for my 96 gas guzzeling geo anymore and i have i leak in my fuel line. the price of gas as it is that’s not really worrying me! i’d like to fix this before summer when i would be driving around a malatov cocktail

Leaking gas = major danger, you need to fix it now. Please describe what a ‘fuel feeder hose’ is, I haven’t heard of it.

If this is just a regular fuel hose then any large auto parts store can help you out. They keep rolls of the stuff in many different diameters. Just make sure it’s fuel hose you are buying and not vacuum hose.

thanks for your input,just to put your mind at ease, my fuel line only leaks when i fill my tank more than half(that’s 3-4 gals. , i never qualify for a free car wash) i have talked to 3 different mechanics about this and they are claiming that the fuel hose (?!!) is a stock part and is no longer made and can only be found in a used car and when the moon is in a certain part of the sky and…etc. anyone out there have a geo metro parts car or should i take my trucketta up to the north fourty and park her next to the edsel

for some reason this a special sort of hose and for some reason out where i live pinhole type leaks in these “specialized” fuel lines or hoses are very common. if i didn’t have a half mile long driveway and light sleeping doggies i’d suspect my mechanics wife of creeping around with a sewing needle in order to drum up business. (her hypothesis is a rubber invasive insect with a taste for gasoline . any thoughts? thank you for your input,car talk rules!!!

Google is your friend.

Try this site:

I’m with missileman here. I just retrofitted an air compressor with a better pump, and found that the tubing and fittings were all just standard stuff available at a local hardware store. Take the fuel line that you have to a few parts stores, or for that matter, ask a plumber. I’m no expert on fuel line, but It might be standard tubing and fittings that you can put together very cheaply. There is probably specialized tubing for fuel, but you might be able to put together an identical part without spending a fortune on the geo item.