1990 Chrysler New Yorker - Leaks gas

gas leaks on cross over rail

If the car is in good condition otherwise, I’ll give you $300 for it.


Then you REALLY should stop driving this car and get this fixed!!!


You’ve stated a problem. Now the next step is to do something about it. The obvious solution is to replace the part that leaks. However, that might be easier said than done. Years ago, we had to replace my wife’s 1991 Escort that had a leaking fuel rail because the part was no longer available.

A new fuel rail would be discontinued by now however there are parts cars around.

Here in the rust belt we have stores that sell rust free gas tanks and doors from southern junk yards. They haul them up by the trailer full. There were so many escorts made that finding one should have been no problem.

In retrospect, I’m surprised but our regular mechanic told us the part wasn’t available. We should’ve gotten a second opinion. Maybe he doesn’t like dealing with junkyards? We ended up buying a 1997 Altima.

Can you tell where it is leaking from? I’m guessing your 1990 is probably configured similar to my same-era Corolla, and has these fuel connections at the fuel rail

  • input hose (from the gas tank)
  • output hose(from the area of the fuel pressure regulator, returning to the gas tank)
  • vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator (shouldn’t contain any fuel, if it does replace FPR)
  • cold start injector
  • may also have a fuel pressure test port

It would be pretty unusual, but fuel injectors and their hoses could spring a leak too. Good advice to not drive the vehicle, and if you must, to carry a big fire extinguisher w/you until this is fixed.