Geo clutch

I just replace the clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing and throw-out bearing in a '92 Metro. Clutch engages and disengages correctly and car goes great in forward gears. I also replaced the front brake pads. In reverse, a grating sound occurs along with a vibration in the drive train. Questions that come to mind: 1) are the transaxles seated properly and how can I tell; I did not put on new retainer rings. 2) is the transmission shaft slipping in the pilot bearing, and if so why only in reverse?

Any other ideas?

I would check that all the engine mounts are intact and tight. Also make sure that all the engine to transaxle bolts are tight. If there is room to adjust the position of the engine/transaxle, the drive train may need to be positioned correctly. Remember that the drive train torques in the opposite direction in reverse as in forward.

Looseness in the pilot bearing would show up as clutch chatter which should be the same in forward as reverse since the reverse motion is derived in the transmission.

Hope this helps.