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Gentleman with the truck that revved RPMs

He only drove it to haul hay it turns out. I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra that was doing the same thing. Except I noticed it more at stoplights. I was also experiencing the engine dying if I was going slowly, as in pulling into parking. My son got me an engine cleaner which I added to a full tank. I also changed brands of gasoline. I happened to be making a four hour highway drive immediately afterward. My mpg increased by 50%! and there have been no other RPG issues or other.

Insurgents in your area? Those RPG’s get your attention.

Throttle position sensor.

Very very common.

I must answer this question at least once a week over at the Durango Owner’s Club forum, even though I no longer own a Durango.

What’s the solution for that, if I may ask? The guys on the show speculated transmission, but in my case I knew it wasn’t the tranny because it revved even in neutral.