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Genesis introduces its first SUV

… and it isn’t just an upgraded Hyundai Palisade:

But it’s hydrogen fuel cell. Love the ideal of running on hydrogen…but there are fewer hydrogen fuel stations then there electric. There’s less then 5 within 50 mile radius of where I live

I bet that’s just for the concept. Genesis will get nowhere until it start selling SUVs…lots of them!

This is where I’d insert a pic of the Hindenburg on fire if I had one handy.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are several hundred magnitudes safer then Hinderburg

Optional extended range fuel tank.

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Not according to Consumer Reports:

Yes, I believe that the other link showed a concept vehicle, not the one that just went on sale in South Korea.

According to the Genesis Website it is.

It looks more like a concept car at this point. How far in the future do they plan to build it?

This seems like it’s both a concept and a production version. Genesis had better quickly get several different SUVs in their lineup if they want to compete with the other luxury makes.

It goes on sale in South Korea this month, and will be offered in the US later in 2020.

A California car. There are no hydrogen fueling stations anywhere else. Metro LA, the Bay Area, and Sacramento appear to be the extent of it. Honda brought out hydrogen fueled cars for Cali only. That’s how they meet the state guidelines to sell vehicles there.

The hydrogen is the concept. The actual one has a diesel, will have normal gas engines here.

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