Genesis dianostics

What does code54 “camshaft sensor failure” really mean? My car stopped and wil not restart. First it started missing then quit. this all happened after I lost my a/c compressor and serp. belt. I had to drive it one mile to get off the hwy and I ran the car a touch to warm ok hot. Also gave codes of multiple cyl. failures (ingnition) or misfires. Is it only a sensor? OR is there more?

year, engine size??

HOW “hot”?? Was it really boiling? If you really cooked it, all bets are off…

Is this a Hyundai Genesis?

If it is indeed a Hyundai Genesis, the car is so new that it is covered by several warranties, most notably the 10 year/100k Powertrain Warranty. You don’t need to know the meaning of the code(s) stored by the OBD system, you don’t have to do the diagnosis, you don’t have to do the repairs, and you don’t have to pay for the repairs.

Just have it towed to the Hyundai dealership where they will do the diagnosis, and will ignore any diagnosis that you provide. The solution is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

The WARRANTY does not cover damage caused by ignoring a dashboard full of red lights, which you have publicly admitted to…

Obviously overheating damage is going to be problematic in terms of warranty coverage, but at least the original problem(s) (camshaft sensor, plus…?) should be covered.

Since Hyundai is making a major effort to establish this BMW/Mercedes competitor in the US market, they might even be somewhat liberal with warranty coverage in this situation, but in case they interpret the warranty strictly, the OP does have to be realistic about a probable major increase in engine damage from his error in continuing to drive an overheating vehicle.

3.8 V-6
1996 Dodge Grand Caravan


If it really is a '96 Caravan then it has the OBD-2 system and it won’t have 2 digit codes - it would have 4 digit codes with a P in front (e.g. P0054 is an OBD-2 code but it refers to an issue with an oxygen sensor circuit).

So is this maybe a '95 Caravan?

In any case - if it is a '95 or prior, the first thing to do is locate the sensor and check its plug and wiring. You blew a belt. Chunks of things probably went flying. It may have simply damaged the wiring or plug for the camshaft sensor.

If it is a '96 or later, clarify the codes.

“Is this a Hyundai Genesis?”

Under Tags it says “Dodge Caravan”.

After the fact, I did notice the tag.
But, now that we all know the make and model of the vehicle, can you explain the strange title of the thread, “Genesis dianostics (sic)”?

biblical reference?

In the beginning, God created the car?
I have to re-read my Old Testament!


OTC Genesys scan tool maybe??? My wifes 96 Grand Voyager stopped running one day, my scanner showed cam sensor signal. The wiring to hers was damaged by the belt. Repaired and relocated wiring and all was well. Check the wiring going to the cam sensor.


I like that straight to the biblical reference. At least I got you to dust of the old book. But alas the typo is I left out the “G” in diagnostics.