2006 Kia Sedona camshaft crankshaft sensor

Replaced both camshaft and crankshaft sensors but still engine light.anyone know if its something altogether different?

Well if you’d post the error codes that set the CEL, we might be able to help.

Also, the miles on the car and the reason you had the cam and crank sensors replaced.

thanks, the codes were and still are P0018 indicating crankshaft position- camshaft position sensor.

This code could also be related to a timing chain issue or problem with the variable valve timing system(CVVT). Probably need to have a shop diagnose before going any further.

thank you for your information. I went today and they did say that would be the next step since there’s a 2009 technical service bulletin. Hoping its not the timing chain. It only has 64597 miles. thanks everyone. I will let you know…

Since your engine uses variable valve time, it is critical the correct engine oil spec be used, and the oil and filter change-out occur at Kia’s recommended intervals for your driving style. Most owners who use their car mostly in city and suburban driving, rather than 65 mph long distance driving, should follow the “severe” schedule intervals.

thank you, it has been serviced regularly but not sure if we followed the recommended intervals by kia.

Before variable valve timing (cars pre early 2000’s) you could get away with some leeway on the engine oil maintenance, but VVT requires strict adherence to both the oil & filter spec and change out schedule. That’s probabl the most common reason why VVT related problems occur. In the way of a suggestion for going forward, once you get this problem resolved.

thank you, i will follow your advice. too expensive to go through this again

well the CVVT was replaced but the code P0018 came back. mechanic suggests taking valve cover off and checkng for oil leak and cleaning it, then replace timing chain if its still comes back. I don’t mind doing this if it fixes the problem but want to hear what you folks think first???