2003 caravan 0320 and 1391 trouble code

Van had not been driven for about 2 weeks. Lots of rain. Had not been having any problem with it. 3.3 V6 ~144000

Was driving at 55 MPH in rain-motor just stopped, was able to start while coasting. went 20 miles no problem. Next day same thing happened. Today-warm/clear went 20 miles no problem-then would not start. Could hear fuel pump ? run. Let set -started after sitting 20 min. stopped several times-restarting each time. Now stays running at idel in driveway-I turned it off after about 20 min. Was able to get some codes from dash–0320 and 1391-

With an older car-would say this seemed like fuel pump about to fail-?? any thoughts --if fuel pump failed would the crankshaft code come up??

Help-will need to trouble shoot myself-not in position to take to dealer.


There is a problem with the signal in the crank position sensor circuit. It could be from moisture in an electrical connector.
Go to the crank position sensor. Follow the wiring back to the electrical connector. Disconnect the connector apart, and clean it with electrical contact cleaner. Reconnect and wait for the results, positive or negative.

Will be getting under it today and tracking wire/etc. Will a bad fuel pump cause the same error msg. Used to have a 86 caravan-acted like this on and off until stopped for good. A local mechanic checked it oot-went through a list of possible sensors and need to clean out heads/etc. Had over 200000 on it and took it home to think about it. On whim-sprayed starter fluid down in take-started right up-replaced mechanical fuel pump-another 2 yrs out of it. Present van has pump in tank-bigger job/price.
If clear codes–if sensor is acting up =will it trigger new codes prior to shutting down engine-wife usually drives this car-not trusting it until i am confident she would not get stranded.
Thanks for your assistance

These codes have nothing to do with the fuel pump.

Did as you suggested-since it was running-only stopping/not starting sporadically–will have to drive/wait/see. --Have cleared codes–any other way to feel confident that it is fully operational. What would dealer do?

The Crank shaft sensor is a $20.00 part. If its not hard to get to I would simply replace it.