Generater question

Ok I know this isn’tr a car question but I need some help and the generater runs on gas so its got that right?

Troy Bilt 5500 Generater. Used maybe once a year. Hasn’t been used in a year and a half. I was good and had drained the fuel last time I used it. This time I can’t get it started and I think it has a stuck valve. (One cylinder engine)Question is: Does anyone know how to get to the intake valve on this thing? I checked the fuel line and its fine. Spark plug is clean.

“I was good and had drained the fuel last time I used it”.

After you did this you should have started the engine and ran it dry. Otherwise draining the gas did not prevent the gas in the carburetor from varnishing, and clogging the carburetor.

If it starts with dry gas squirted in the carburetor then it probably needs the carburetor cleaned/rebuilt.

You need fuel, spark and compression.

You should feel the difference when trying to start it if it had a compression problem.

You can check the spark by buying a spare and removing the wire (carefully) and putting the new plug on it, hold it so the threads are tight against a clean part of the engine and have someone else pull the starter. Being in a dark place would help and you should see a nice blue spark. You may also get a nice shock if you are not holding it with a well insulated tool.

If that showed sparks a few times, then remove the spark plug and sniff - fuel smell but not wet with fuel, it may be compression, but you should have noticed that earlier.  Wet with fuel it is flooding. 

Good Luck

I have the same generator, and don’t use it very often. Sometimes,when I decide to start it and run it for a while to make sure it will run when I need it, I forget to either open the fuel valve or turn on the ignition switch. There is also a low oil shut-off. You didn’t drain the oil, did you?

If you really suspect a stuck valve, remove the spark plug and put your finger over the spark plug hole and pull the starter cord. If you feel compression, the valve isn’t stuck.

Why do you think it has a stuck valve?

I assume you mean stuck open, in which case there should be no compression and the engine should spin very freely, as it would with the spark plug removed. Is that the case?

I think the carburetor is more likely to be the problem. Engines used infrequently suffer problems caused by old gasoline. This is very common.

If I were in your position, I’d take the generator to my local Troy Bilt dealer and let them fix it.

I agree with the carburetor diagnosis since I had a similar problem with my generator…

Thank you all. I know I have spark. I will check compression. I smell fuel on the plug but??? Probably the carb.