i just got a craftsman 5 H/P wood chipper that was sitting for 6 or 7 years it is in good shape so i put new gas and wouldnt start so i drained the gas tank, took the carburetor apart and cleaned it, and it runs but it wont start unless i pour gas in the carburetor, after that it stays running fine, can anybody help me find out what the problem is? thanks

Start at the gas tank and work your way to the carb. Make sure fuel is flowing to the carb. Then you need to check all the orifices and make sure they are open. Start with the needle valve in the fuel inlet and clear it with a fine needle if you cant see light through the hole. Then if the jets are removable, take them out and do the same, clear the orifice with fine wire. That’s a start. If you don’t know where to get fine wire, you can take some scrap multi-strand wire from some obselete electronic gizmo and strip it and use one strand. That’s where I would start.

i already took the carburetor apart and cleaned every single thing, and it runs fine fine but it wont start unless i pour gas in it.

Are you using the choke or is there no choke? The choke should do it or cold enrichment if it’s that kind of carb. Otherwise, I imagine it’s not something you use frequently and could probably put up with that small routine to get it started. Another problem could be a manifold leak in the intake somewhere. That could reduce intake velocity, particularly at starting speeds and fail to draw an adequate amount of gas. Aside from that, leaky valves causing the same problem.

I’ve been having a similar problem with my ancient Briggs and Straton lawnmower the last few summers, although I’ll admit I haven’t even gotten so far as really thoroughly taking the carb apart. I don’t know if I give much credence to what some folks say about ethanol gas and older small engines, but it could be a possiblity.

I just keep a can of the ol’ liquid choke (aka starter fluid) with the mower and a little sniff gets it running like a champ.

Is there a primer bulb on it? Some small engines have a primer, some have a choke, some have both. If there is a primer bulb you should have to give it 5-6 pushes and feel the resistance of the gas squirting in on the last 2 or 3.

A Little Dry Rot Causes Those Primer Bulb Hoses To Suck Air And Stop Priming. I’d Take A Hard Look There. Sometimes It’s Right At The End And Can Be Cut And Reconnected.


yes it has a choke, but it wont start with the choke either, i have no idea what the manifold is? i really appreciate your help rripstop thank you

no there is no primer bulb,it does have a choke, thank you