'03 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 no abs pulsing brakes

When I apply the brakes to come to a full stop, at about 10-5mph before stopping my brakes begin to pulse. I feel it a lot in the steering wheel and in the pedal. BUT the pedal doesn’t shudder as much as it feels like there is a high spot(s) on the brakes. It happens a lot of the time but not all the time. I notice it a lot when the tire pressure is low, but my pressure has been good and it has come back again.

I went to some other sites and have heard that brakes for this vehicle may be under engineered for this vehicle. When I do the brakes next time, is there aftermarket parts or better parts I should consider looking at? I do feel that the brakes on this car are underpowered for the weight and size of car. I always feel like this car takes too long to stop, but it has made me a less agressive driver.

Need advice.

Before suspecting the ABS, check the discs. Jack up each wheel and spin it by hand (engine off) having a friend very slowly apply the brakes. If the pulses are coming from the rotors, you’ll feel it. If they friction is smooth in this test, it might be the sensor rings that are a bit dirty. Try pulling the ABS fuse and see if the symptom disappears.

I’m betting it’ll be a disc.

I don’t have ABS brakes. So it can’t be the fuse.

Try the test I suggested. I’m still betting you’ll find it’s a disc.