General maintenance ques

I have a pickup I use with a truck camper simply to camp. I was wondering how often and for how long I should drive the truck in the off season so it doesn’t fall into disrepair. thanks

I have friends in the same boat. We get this question often. If you take the truck out once a month for a brisk 20 mile trip on the freeway and get it thoroughly warmed up, that should prevent it from getting bunged up. In between that time you may need to put the battery on a charger. Best yet, take it on a monthly trip and use up 1/2 a tank of gas. In both cases, I would put stabiliser in the gas during the off-season.

Just driving it around the block once a month does more harm than good!!!

I would just add fuel stabilizer and hook up a trickle charger. That is what I do with my motor home.

I’d take it out every third week and get it fully warmed up, unless you want to use a battery tender. Definitely use fuel stabilizer. Vacuum the truck well to pick up any crumbs that might attract critters.