2 vehicles

I have two vehicles, one a Ford 250 (10mpg) and another with much better mileage. How often should I drive the Ford,that I have parked for the winter here in Massachusetts.

We have had several posts on this. A friend of mine has 3 vehicles, of which one is a Ford Pickup with a 5th wheel for his RV. Since the RV is onlyused in the summer I advised him to take the truck out every one or two weeks and use it for regular errands and get it well warmed up. He puts on about 30 miles every 2 weeks, or less than 900 miles a year doing this, and the truck has behaved well and starts easy.

Of course it gets a real workout in the summer towing the RV in the mountains.

I own more than one truck, and I make sure I run each truck at least once per month. I have found that works well, although Docnick’s recommendations are good, too.

Put stabilizer in the fuel, park it somewhere safe, put he battery on a battery tender and cancel all but comprehensive insurance on it. Let it be until spring. No need to drive it at all. Likely it will be better off if you don’t.

Note if it is anywhere that someone might like to steal it, I would remove that battery and tend it in your basement. It will make stealing it a lot harder.