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General lee dixie horn?

What kind of dixie air horn was on the general lee from the original series The Dukes of Hazzard ?

Like this one?

I don’t know what, if anything, was actually on the “General Lee” automobiles. There were dozens of them. But J.C.Whitney offered a system that included speakers and an electronic system with an array of tunes that could be played at the touch of a button and “Dixie” was among them.

I know that everyone says it was a wolo but none of them sound right. the only one I thought sounded close was the FIAMM. or one that is no longer in production which is a jubil-aire. check out the guy that has one of these on youtube.

Probably no horn, sound effects often are added in later.

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I know most of it was But some of the cars Did have the horn and I was wanting to find out what brand it was. but I knwo it wasn’t a wolo

The horn in the general lee was made by an italian company. I dont know the name of the company.

After 9 years Eric has found one or given up . And if he still wants one a simple Google search will fulfil his wishes . I’ll bet Siri could find one also.

@VOLVO_V70 if you don’t have anything nice to say…

I have an old JC catalog that survived the flood. It’s probably in there. But he really never said he wanted one. Maybe just curious or had a paper due, so yeah either way, it is a little late in the game.

Google is your friend.

Yeah it was in the 20 year old JC catalog for only $62.99 but evidently they have gotten a little classier now. 5 horns, compressor, hose, etc. and of course instructions. Plays the first 11 notes but looks like in the modern world they can play 12 notes now.

Who knows someone somewhere may want to know again. Better order yours though before they become illegal.

Eric isn’t the only one with a 1969 Dodge Charger, I could post the VIN from my Charger just to irritate you.


The 68 through 70 Chargers were the best looking cars Ma Chrysler ever built IMO. They’re stunning to look at even when parked.

The chargers never did much for me, a little too long and the grill was boring, Give me my 68 xr7

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Yeah I liked those Cougars too. Family friend’s kid was a year ahead of me and just graduated engineering school and was going to work right away with GE out on the west coast some place. His folks were poor as a church mouse. They were up to our house and I had to listen to the kid with his new job and new car asking his dad about what kind of oil and everything else. His dad was the Ford parts manager. I suppose dad was proud of his kid but still I felt for him never being able to afford any car newer than ten years old listening to this punk kid that now had the world by the tail. So 50 years later it still bothers me when I see one of those cars. But they do look great. Sequential turn signals, Lincoln type head light doors, etc.

68 I think was the best with the round side marker lights and the flying buttress C pillars.

Yes I loved the sequential turn signals, glad and sad they are on the new mustangs, Just to go off base, just pulled out the night vision monocular, as I heard strange noises at a neighbor single great bud ladies house, all gone by I got a looksie, must have been a raccoon or something, We are a neighborhood watch group, are you?

We’re in town so nothing formal by yeah kinda watch out. Good and bad. Last year we were in Ohio and neighbor called saying our smoke detectors were going off. When he checked, CO not smoke. Wanted to have fire department check it out. I said there is nothing on except the furnace so just shut them off. Got everyone so worked up I had to stop in Chicago and buy a $70 off line detector on the way home to prove we wouldn’t be asphyxiated. Plug it in, zero reading. Replaced all 7 detectors the next day. Only 5 years old but guess you should blow them out once a year.

Seems like this is the time of year for pests though with warmer weather. They can be waking from their hibernation so gotta be a little careful confronting them.