General lee dixie horn?


What kind of dixie air horn was on the general lee from the original series The Dukes of Hazzard ?


Like this one?


I don’t know what, if anything, was actually on the “General Lee” automobiles. There were dozens of them. But J.C.Whitney offered a system that included speakers and an electronic system with an array of tunes that could be played at the touch of a button and “Dixie” was among them.


I know that everyone says it was a wolo but none of them sound right. the only one I thought sounded close was the FIAMM. or one that is no longer in production which is a jubil-aire. check out the guy that has one of these on youtube.


Probably no horn, sound effects often are added in later.


I know most of it was But some of the cars Did have the horn and I was wanting to find out what brand it was. but I knwo it wasn’t a wolo