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Hear a grinding noise whenever i shift gears

2003 Nissan Xterra 2.4. It grinds when I shift gears, gears through 2nd thru 5th.

have the clutch checked to see if it is dragging (not completely disengaging). Doubtful that sychros on all the gears 2-5 would all be bad. Is this a new vehicle for you?

I bet our turbo uncle is right but just one more question: Does it crunch when you doubleclutch?

Does the grinding happen when shifting up, down, or both?

Do you know how to double clutch? I had a customer several years ago with a Saturn that had weak transmission synchros. I showed him and his wife both how to double clutch on downshifts. They’re still driving the car, over 50K miles later. The synchros may not work, but he doesn’t have to care.

Double clutch…Boy, that has a nice ring to it.

One of my old Saabs liked to be double clutched. The synchro to third was gone so, rather than doing it only when going to third, I did it in all gears. Once you get used to it, it isn’t a big deal.

It grinds when i shift up or down…it use to grind only a little when i shift down from 3rd to second.
And no I don’t know how to double clutch…
If its the clutch then I’ll get it fixed…
But the synchro, that pretty serious right…
Oh, forgot about 5 years ago my local Nissan dealership said they “changed” the sychros… I brought it in for a oil change, and they said the sychros needed to be changed, even though it shifted Very well…( was covered under warranty, no cost to me) they checked the clutch then and said it was good, but that was 5yrs ago…

Once you price getting the transmission synchronizers replaced, you may want to learn how to double clutch.

What you do is match the speed of the engine to the speed it will be running in the next higher or lower gear.

To do that on an UPSHIFT you depress the clutch and put the transmission into neutral for a moment with you foot off of the gas. Then you depress the clutch and shift into the higher gear. In this way the engine RPM is at the speed it will be at in the higher gear.

To double clutch (also known as double DEclutching) on a downshift, say from third into second, the technique is similar. The only difference is when you move the stick to neutral, you blip the throttle to increase the RPM to the same speed the engine will be at in the lower gear.

With a little practice, you will not ever grind a gear again. Remember, your transmission is already in need of repair. You can’t hurt it any more by learning this technique.

Thanks mg McAcnick
Also, I bled the slave cylinder and it stopped grinding, couldn’t find any leaks anywhere; it shifts much better…very strange…