Gauge Guessing in Alabama

my speedometer and gas gauge has recently stopped working. The speedometer went first, then the fuel gauge. I had it tested to see what was wrong. They said it was 5 things.

random/multiple cylinder misfire.

camshaft poss sensor bank 1 circuit malf.

Evap emissions control large.

evap emissions small.

evap emissions large.

I had a loose gas cap, so I replaced that. Hoping I could fix some of what was wrong. Any idea why the speedometer and fuel gauge is not working?

Thanks so much ! Love yalls show !

Check the battery ground connection and ground straps between the engine, transmission and chassis.
Check the battery for AC voltage with the engine running.
Should be much less than 1V. Excess AC points to alternator/regulator problem.
Check for corroded/wet connectors or damaged wiring harness.