Gauge cluster

Hello, I am new to this whole forum thing.

I have a random gauge cluster from an old GM possibly a Chevy malibu. my question is how can I get it to work short of actually putting it in the actual car?

Any idea what year (or era)? What’s it got for gages? Can you post a photo?

Typically the speedo and odo on old gages will be driven by a cable spun by a gear in the tranny, the oil pressure gage (if it has one) and the temp gage will be from the electrical output of pressure and temp sensors (both resistive, one sensitive to pressure and the other a thermoresister), the amps gage will be…well…a simple inline ammeter, and if it has a tach it’ll be electrical run off the ignition pulse…like a timing light.

Of course, I’m thinking 50s, 60s, 70s.

Don’t have picture. as for the year 2000-2002? it’s all digital and had a port on top of the motherboard

Perhaps if it has a part number on it the dealer parts department can research it for you. If you can get the application schematic, you can play with it from there. Regular drycell batteries, two 6VDC lantern batteries in series, will have no problem driving all the gages.