2004 Suburban Gauges gone Wacky



The orginal battery in my 2004 Suburban (absolute neccesity for a father of 5 boys, so don’t even start with comments about me driving a gas guzzler) recently died. I had charged it a couple times and jumped off a couple of times before replacing the battery thinking the boys had left the dome lights on or a door open and run down the battery. Before replacing the battery and ever since I have been getting really wacky readings from the tacometer and oil pressure gauge. 4,000 rpm when idleing. zero oil pressure one minute 80 the next. Gauges that stay at 2,000 and 40 with the ignition off. I’ve also had some issues with the 4-wheel drive switching from 2-wheel to the Auto 4-wheel drive by itself. Otherwise the vehicle runs fine, no “Check Engine” lights or “idiot lights”, Speedometer agrees with the GPS speed readings, temp gauge and alternator output seem to read normal. I’m wondering if I have some faulty electronics as a result of the issues with the battery going bad. Any ideas what I need to look at?


Check with your dealer. GM just extended the warranty on the gauge cluster for your issue. The 4x4 switch is probably unrelated.


Thanks TXdealer, was this a formal notice from them or one of those “we’ll deal with it if presented product defects”? We haven’t seen any notice.