Gasoline gauge on 1993 1.9L Ford


I think I need a new gasoline gauge. I filled the tank one day when it was near empty and that is the last time I have seen the pointer near “empty.” Whether the tank is full or empty, the pointer is always in a “full” position. How difficult is it to put a new one in?


More likely than the gauge having failed is that the fuel level sensor/float in the tank has failed. It’s kind of an involved job, you have to drop the fuel tank.


What model Ford?


I guess with a 1.9 it has to be an Escort. It could be either the sending unit (in the tank) or the gauge. To access the sending unti remove the lower back seat cushion and locate the metal cover screwed to the floor. The sender and pump are under there. Removing the gas tank is not required!


Lucky dog, I’ve never had a domestic car with an access point in the car!


There are damn few.


There’s also a good chance the sender may not even be bad. The sender is a float hooked up to a variable resistor-- as the float rises, the resistance goes up. If the gas gauge is pegged full, that means there’s too much resistance between the gauge and the sender. Very often, it’s the wiring or the electrical connector that’s bad.