Gas Gauge on 1991 Ford Exp not working

I am no mechanic but if I have the book I do just ine. Better than that is experience from you. Thnaks

This subject was actually covered during the most recent Cartalk radio show. Or else I’d have no idea. Apparently there is a sending unit in the fuel tank. Replacing the unit may either be very easy or very hard, depending on whether or not the sending unit has an access panel or if the fuel tank has to be removed to replace the part. If the first is true, you can likely replace the part yourself. If not, you will need to have it done unless you feel up to the challenge of removing the fuel tank yourself.
Consult your book and see what is entailed. If you decide to it yourself, follow the instructions to the letter.

But before you do anything, I am assuming that the rest of the instrument panel and all other electrical things are working. If a few things also stopped working at the same time, check your fuses before you do anything else.

If you can’t fix this yourself, and can’t afford to fix it, the show suggested setting the trip odometer when the tank is full and running it to empty to see how far the car will go with a full tank of gas. Then the trip odometer can replace your gas gauge, if you set it to zero every time you refill the car, you know how far you can go before you need to fill up again. Then refill the tank when at most 3/4 of the tank is empty. Better yet, do the math if you know your fuel economy and fill the car when it is likely to be about a quarter full.

Been away for a while but wanted to thank for taking the time to respond.