Gagged At The Gas Pump

Have a 2001 Ford 350 15 Passenger Wagon

The gas will not go into the tank unless I dribble it in, it takes appprox 1/2 hr to fill. Had all gas tanked pulled, air lines & filler tube checked for blockages, there weren’t any. What could the cause be?

They checked the vapor recovery system? How about the valve?

Do you top off the tank or do you stop filling after the first click of the gas pump?

If you always try to squeeze in the very last drop, you may have saturated the evaporative system charcoal cannister. Expensive fix.

That truck is not subject to that particular design problem. It doesn’t vent through the canister while the gas cap is off. It’s something else.

when you fill it up try backing the nozzle out as much as you safely can----this reduces pressure and helps gas flow into tank

Design problem? I didn’t think damage sometimes caused by topping off the tank was a design problem. I thought it was user error.

Did they make sure that the gas tank and filler tube weren’t damaged at all?

There is a anti-roll-over check valve located in the filler line near the tank inlet. It’s just a cork or plastic ball in a cage. This ball can jam in the “closed” position and cause the problems you are having. It is usually a separate part, clamped into the filler line next to the tank.

When you can design a car that isn’t damaged by this common user activity but don’t, then I consider that to be a design error. Evidently Ford does too, because they avoid this problem via design.

That was what I was trying to think of, but I could not remember the name. Thanks

Fair enough, tardis. We will just have to agree to disagree. I thought it was common knowledge that topping off the tank was a dumb thing to do. Between the warnings printed on the gas pump, in the owner’s manuals, and at least 100 other places, I figure it isn’t a good idea to top off the tank even if you own a Ford.

Even if topping off the tank doesn’t damage the vehicle, it forces gas fumes into the air, which is both wasteful and bad for the environment. I always believed damage to the car was appropriate justice for ignoring all the warnings to not top off the tank and for deliberately damaging the Ozone layer. I guess you and Ford don’t agree. Do you think this might say something about Ford’s commitment to the environment?