Regular antifreeze in your gas line?

Just wondering if you can use regular radiator pre-mixed antifreeze to prevent your gas line from freezing??

NO…gas lines rarely freeze especially now that gas contains 10% ethanol.

No. Your premix has water in it and that is the exact opposite of what you want in the gas tank. Regular antifreeze pre-mix is not chemically similar enough to use as a substitute.

With the prevalence of 10% ethanol fuels, I would question the regular use of gas line antifreeze, but if you feel compelled to use it, use the real deal. Tom and Ray have suggested the use of isopropyl alcohol for fuel injected engine as a substitute, but not regular antifreeze.

NO. There are products, many products, designed to prevent gas line freeze-up, but automotive antifreeze is NOT one of them.

Please do not put antifreeze in your fuel tank. It’s 50% water, and will wreak havoc on your fuel system.

If you feel you need a gas line anti-freeze, go to your local auto parts store and buy one of the many brands available. Just remember, gas line anti-freeze is not the same as engine anti-freeze.

Thanks for the quick replies! I appreciate the knowledgable information you guys posted! :smiley: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you, too.