Gaskets - EGR pipe

The EGR pipe on my 2001 suzuki vitara has two connections which look identical and I have located the gasket for the part. However i keep hearing that I only need one gasket per vehicle. Is this right? Which end does the gasket go on, the one into the intake manifold, or the one at the egr valve?

Why worry about it? Get two. That way your butt’s covered. These gaskets can’t cost that much. And if you only use one, the other isn’t going to take up that much space.


Problem is that the pipe was already removed from the old engine. I’m going to put it on a new motor, but I’m not sure which end the gasket should go on. Would it hurt to have gaskets on both it it wasn’t desinged to do so?

Nope. Won’t hurt a thing. And if one of the gaskets gets blown out, that’s where there should be no gasket.