Copper exhaust gasket - do I need two?

Stupid question here, but I haven’t seen this type of gasket before and google wasn’t very helpful…
I’m replacing the muffler. Do I need two of these gaskets? (e.g the other side needs one too) Or will the other part just fit right into it if I put the gasket in the direction it’s in the photo?
I’m sure it’s very obvious once I remove the muffler, but I’d rather know before I start working on it so I have all I need…

That type of joint is not supposed to need a gasket at all. The seal is the rounded pipe that sits in that taper. You can use it if you want… probably supplied if the ball end is rusty and degraded.

That’s a bell mouth exhaust joint gasket.

If they came with the muffler, then they must be used at each bell mouth joint.


It was not included with the muffler, but showed up as accessory when I added the muffler to the cart… And since I assumed I needed a gasket, and these types were the only showing up as compatible, I bought one…

Not much exhaust repair experience myself, but I’d guess you just need one of those copper gaskets per joint. If you used two, then one gasket would be in physical contact with the other one right? That configuration seems like it would be more likely to leak than just one gasket in between the two steel components. It would be like using two garden hose gaskets at the faucet bib, seems like that would create more chance of a leak.

Muffler work - never again . I did a complete exhaust on an old vehicle once . The next one was done by a muffler shop .

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It can’t hurt to use it. Being a soft metal, it will conform to any small irregularities in the flanges to seal off potential leaks.

Does the mating pipe have the appropriate end shape to fit this muffler flange?