i had a chevy cavalier i put 4 fuel pumps in this car.then i got shed of it !now i have a chevy lumina its not running,i think it is the same thing?are fuel companies changed there formulas. there fuel is got a sticky film damaging fuel systems.over a short time or is it my car just got to many miles.both had about 120000 on them?help me understand why this keep happening##$@@@/?


Gas companies have not altered their formulas in any way the would affect the lifespen of a pump. 120,000 miles would be within the realm of a normal lifespan for a fuelpump. However, if you put 4 in the Cav, I have to wonder…are you letting your tank run real low before refilling? Do you occasionally run out of gas? Gas does more than power the engine, it also cools the pump.