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Fuel Pump Getting Ready To Go Out?

I have an 02 Cavalier with 135K. I just replaced the fuel filter after going too long without doing it. I can’t recall the mileage but I’m pretty sure this is the second time I’ve changed it. Anyway, for a while now, occassionally at start up, it’s been hesitating–almost like a bad battery. But I’ve had the battery checked and it’s fine. It is the fuel pump getting ready to go out? Is there anything I can do to slow this down? Do those emission cleaners do anything–the ones the Quick Change places offer that blast the garbage out of your tailpipe?

Let me address the additives sold by various oil change places. In general they are not needed. If you have no performance issues while the car is running, then you probably don’t need them. Today’s gasolines provide a minimum level of detergents. What I choose to do is run one bottle of Techron through my cars about once every year to two years. This does as well as most of the “preventive additives” oil change places want to sell you. Only under extremely poor performance circumstances should you consider the expensive additives, and only when a real mechanic (not the quick change guys) tell you you need it.

I would not jump to the conclusion about your fuel pump operation just yet. Do some diagnostics first, and check out easier items like mass air flow sensor first, particularly if it is happening only at start up.