Gas Treatment



Should i use gas treatment or any other chemical to keep my car running smooth, and save on gas, because i have a Toyota matrix s 4wd which use up a lot of gas, so i was wondering is there anything that will keep my engine clean and have my car perform like new. please and thank you


If everything gets maintained well - like the fuel filter - you really shouldn’t need anything. But running a bottle/can of fuel system cleaner once in a while can’t hurt either. (Once in a while - you can overuse it).

I’m sure you’ll get lots of different opinions. About 2x per year I run either a can of seafoam or techron through the gas tanks of my vehicles.

But I can’t tell you that this does anything at all for my fuel system either.


Cigroller covered it. If you maintain the vehicle well (per the owner’s manual) and don’t abuse it, you should have many trouble free miles.

While I don’t use gas additive, I agree with Cigroller that an occasional bottle is harmless and if it makes you feel better you should feel free to use it. The only caveat I’d add is not to use additives to try to solve operating problems. Operating problems when they occur should be properly diagnosed and corrected.


“i have a Toyota matrix s 4wd which use up a lot of gas”

If you are telling us that this vehicle no longer gets the good gas mileage that it used to, then fuel system cleaner is not a magic solution in a bottle.

A significant drop in gas mileage suggests to me that the car is in need of maintenance.
You have not told us either the model year or the odometer mileage of your Matrix, but–assuming that the vehicle is more than 2 or 3 years old–I have to ask:
When was the last time that the spark plugs and air filter were changed?

Have you verified that the tires are inflated as per Toyota’s specifications?
Do you use drive-up windows at banks and fast-food joints?
Do you “warm up” the engine for more than 20 seconds or so?
Do you normally carry a lot of extra weight in the car?

If your fuel system is dirty, then the engine can definitely benefit from a fuel system cleaner.
However, that cleaning solution will not compensate for a lack of regular maintenance or for bad driving habits.


Back in the 60’s fuel additives were not a bad idea. However fuel today is far better and frankly you have little to gain by trying to improve what is already there. While I have not seen evidence, I have heard of some people who believe the mix of the additives already in the fuel when you buy it and that stuff you add can cause problems.

  1. Make sure the tire pressure is equal to the pressure on the plate inside the driver’s door.

  2. Check the air filter to make sure it is clean. A little dirt on top of the pleats is OK, but if it extend significantly down the pleats, replace it.

When did you notice the drop in gas mileage? It could be winter gas. In cold climates, winter gas will get about 10% worse gas mileage than the summer blend. And remember to keep up with the other maintenance items. How many miles are on the car?


Thank you all =)


For years with several cars I put a bottle of Techron concentrate in the tank once a year.
I buy the cheapest gas I can find, OK but not “top tier”. I also make a lot of short (5-10mi) trips.

I decided to try dropping that part of my routine caring for my '06 Matrix.
After ~18 months and ~6000 miles since the last bottle of Techron the idle started to randomly bounce up and down ~100RPM. Subtle but noticeable to a car person.
So at the next fillup I put in a bottle, and after a couple of trips the idle smoothed out.
My Matrix has just over 17K mi now.