Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner

I have heard about them, bought 2 (on sale), but now having second thoughts. Are they as good as everybody claims? What effects to the car by using them (every 3,000 miles for 12 gal or more fill-ups)?

It works great IF you have a problem with a dirty fuel system. It won’t do anything for system not experiencing such a problem.

Why do you think your fuel system needs cleaning?

Modern fuels in developed countries have all the cleaners normally needed.

I use it once or twice a year on my cars as preventive maintenance, I think a 3k interval is overkill. I just ran two bottles through my 2000 Blazer to clean the fuel level sending unit in the tank. It didn’t fix the fuel guage, but the truck seems to idle and drive a little smoother.

Ed B.

It isn’t magic in a bottle. I use one container per year Techron. One bottle in a tank preferably on a trip long enough to burn a tank.
After several years (>10) and high mileage (>100k) ultrasonic injector cleaning is magic. I’ve done it on two cars. Shipped to Witch Hunter in WA.
Very reasonable cost compared to local. Flow test before and after documentation provided.

At the Ford garage it is advised to cure a mis-reading fuel level guage do to too much sulfer in the gas.

It won’t hurt your car. This is the same stuff Chevron puts in their gas. It is as good as any other fuel system cleaner. I use it or another brands when I do an oil change for prevention, but a lot of people think that is overkill.

The label said every 3K for 12 gal, plus it will clean the injectors, valve, etc…

I frequently fill up with gas brands (Chrevron, Texaco) that already have Techron additive. The other brands also have similar fuel-system cleaner additives. So there is no need to add anything to the fuel of a healthy car. Use up what you have, it won’t hurt. Don’t expect to see any automotive improvement, however. Such additives do nothing for a healthy car.