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Can't put gas in the tank

I just bought my daughter her first car. 1999 Volkswagen beetle cannot pump more than a $1 50 at a time. Honestly the pump continues to shut off as it would when your tank is full. She’s been putting up with this for a month or so. The car now has trouble starting after the tank is just been filled. Any thoughts?

Something with the tank vent. Possibly the Evap cannister; or a clogged or bent tank fuel line. If you are handy; get yourself some books like from (can get a Factory Manual from them) or Hanes or Chiltons (lot less info.) Or, since this is dealing with fuel - if you can’t deal with it yourself - you need to take it to a shop.

And a problem with the tank venting - will also cause improper fuel delivery. And if you overfill a tank; the Evap canister can get soaked - and this will cause starting problems as well.

There’s a problem with Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

In the old days the tank would vent from the filler neck. But now the tank has to vent thru the vent valve into the carbon canister to collect the gas vapor as the tank is filled. Then it vents into the atmophere. If there’s a restriction in this system the tank can’t vent and the nozzle keeps shutting off.

Have someone check the lines to the carbon canister which is located next to the gas tank for any restriction. On some vehicles it’s been found that spider sacs can cause this problem.