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Gas tank overfilled

I don’t have a husband; I did it myself. My bright yellow '07 Beetle ran fine afterwards, but, as mentioned in a previous post on this question, the gas gauge is not registering. Can I fix it myself and if so how?

Check the easiest thing first. Make sure that all of your fuses are good. Next, look inside your trunk to see if your car has a removable plate in the trunk to provide access to the fuel pump/fuel gauge assembly that is inside the tank. Draining the gasoline, dropping the tank, removing and replacing the fuel gauge sender and then replacing the tank is a very nasty job. I have done it once and don’t care to do it again so hope for the access plate.

Possibly you have a wiring problem or a dashboard gauge cluster problem and it is not the gauge sender in the tank that is at fault.

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It is impossibly to know from a distance of your ability to repair this problem.

Figure out how much driving you usually do to burn off about a half a tank of gas. Once you figured you’ve reach that point, take a rubber mallet and give the bottom of the gas tank a few good smacks. If the float is hung up, doing this sometimes jars it loose.