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Gas Smell on Passenger Side

I have a 2005 Buick Century and recently, my front seat passenger noticed a gasoline smell.
I didn’t detect a smell from the driver’s side. Other than leaky fuel injectors, fuel line or loose spark plugs, is there any kind of defect that can cause a gas smell that’s more noticeable on the passenger side?

A bad fuel pressure regulator could be one source, if so equipped you can pull the hose coming off it and see if it smells like gas, if so it is bad.

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Got a car last yr and most of the newish plugs were loose. Car ran fine. No gas smell.

If this is only noticed when you first start a cold engine, could be normal. The computer injects a lot of extra gas on cold starts, and some of that comes out the tailpipe. Is the tailpipe on the passenger side?

If this were the problem, it would quickly go away as the engine warmed up.

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I just had the fuel lines replaced on my 2010 Cobalt due to corrosion. Might be worth checking yours for a leak.

Ed B.

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