Gas savings

I can drive approximately 530 miles on a full tank on my 2013 Accord Sport. My old SUV got me around 275 miles. I drive around 10-12k miles a year. What would be my average monthly savings if gas stays around $3.50/gallon ?

This is a simple math question. I don’t do math even if it’s simple. Next.

Really can’t answer that as we don’t know what the fuel tank size of the SUV is. Suppose it only had a 5 gallon fuel tank, in that case it would get 55 MPG and would much more fuel efficient then your Accord. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there isn’t enough information here to give you an answer.

OK , let me know what you need.

Accord fuel tank capacity 17.2 gallons
Old SUV 19.1 gallons

  1. Calculate your mpg for both vehicles. (miles driven since last fill up)/(gallons bought to fill up)=MPG

  2. Divide annual miles by MPG for both vehicles to get annual gallons used. (Ex: 11,000mi/22MPG=500 gallons.)

  3. Subtract the smaller number from the larger. That is the number of gallons saved.

  4. Multiply the number in step 3 by cost per gallon of fuel. This is the total money saved.

Actually, looking at the numbers given, you’re burning roughly half the gas with the Accord as you were with the SUV. Thus, your savings should be roughly half of your total fuel bill for the SUV.

I get about $80/monthly savings it looks like.

Your 2013 Honda is depreciating faster than $80 a month. The SUV is probably paid for.

Miles per gallon is just a small part of the picture. You need to figure cost per mile to own and operate a vehicle…The cost of the vehicle, taxes, insurance need to be calculated along with gasoline cost…

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SUV is insecure with steering issues that could never be fixed. Cost to replace x risk factor just wasn’t worth it. I constantly drive a 10 year old. My trade in value and the fact that I paid $950 under invoice allowed me to payoff the small amount leftover with no loan.

If you are concerned about gas mileage you may also want to consider the way you drive. My wife seems to get about 32mpg in our TDI when she drives with her lead foot. I get upwards of 40mpg because I drive like a sane person:).

Just sayin.

No worries there. I drive like a grandpa.


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Give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish. You need to know first how many gallons used for the miles driven, not so many miles per tank. Then divide the miles driven by the gallons used to get the average miles per gallon. Then divide the cost of a gallon by the average miles per gallon to get the cost per mile. Then divide the annual miles by 12 to get the miles per month. The take the average cost per gallon times the miles per month for the cost per month. Next do the same for the SUV and subtract one from the other to get your answer. It’s fun.

Next I’m going to turn on Econ mode to see how many miles I’ll get out of it. I read online that some have not seen any difference. Some performance is lost otherwise.

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