Honda Accord fuel consumption

I drive a 2003 Accord with 2.4L / auto trans with 131,000 miles. My son drives an '08 Accord with same engine / tranny.

I have always achieved about 30 mpg local driving and 34 - 36 highway with A/C on at 70 mph.

My son’s 08 gets around 21 local and 27 highway. His driving habits are similar to mine.

I’ve noticed the EPA estimated mpg on the newer Hondas is considerably lower than 4 or 5 years ago and am wondering why?

Your son’s '08 Accord is larger and heavier than your '03.

Do you both use the same brand of gasoline? Ethanol in gasoline lowers fuel mileage.

The EPA now measures fuel mileage differently (more accurately) than it did several years ago, resulting in lower estimated fuel mileage.

You’re getting amazingly high fuel mileage for your model of car. The EPA rates the 03 Accord at 25 MPG overall (using the new methodology). The 08 model is rated at 24 MPG overall, so you son is right on the money on what kind of mileage he’s supposed to be getting.

I don’t think the OP’s mileage is out of line, especially since we don’t know where and how the car is driven.

My '97 Accord (4-cyl, 5-spd) has always gotten between 28 and 30 mpg in local driving, and 34-36 on the highway. I have recorded a few tankfuls slightly over 36, but that was under ideal conditions (level roads, perfect weather, moderate speed).

More recently, since the widespread introduction of E10, my highway mileage has decreased to 32-34 and seems to be holding steady there. Over the ten years I’ve owned the car my average mpg is right around 31, and I think that’s pretty good for a car of that size.

You say his driving habits are similar to yours. How do you know? He may calm down while you are in the car. Also, does he drive the identical mix of city/hwy roads?

EPA changed the way they estimate mileage. You can read all about it and check your car’s new EPA rating here: