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Gas pedal won't go down all the way

My car doesn’t have much get up and go, especially on the on-ramp to the interstate, the gas pedal doesn’t seem to go down all the way and it takes forever to get fast. Any advice, anyone? Thanks.

Year and mileage? Is your check engine light on? How far does the pedal travel if you sit in your car with the engine off and try it?

Have you happened to look underneath your gad pedal? Perhaps for something that’s fallen down there or a floor mat that’s come out of place?

The other place to look is under the hood at where the throttle body is - if you pop the hood and ask someone to work the gas pedal you should be able to see the throttle mechanism - roundish looking metal with a big spring on it and cable attached to it.

On your car the throttle that Cigroller mentioned is going to be operated by a cable, and that cable will pass through a black “box” that is actually the cruise controller. The cruise controller actually pulls the cable when necessary to keep the car at speed. Don’t forget to check that area for obstruction also.